Dark Sun: Savage Nights

Session 1

Our story begins with Selesnya as she ran into her brother Magnus. Magnus, still looking as frustrated as he has been the last couple of weeks, told Selesnya of their invitation to the upcoming Shahram Ball in 5 days. This is a major political event, and Marcus needs a big win here if he is to gain a seat at the Senate counsel. After they parted ways, Magnus yelled back “you’d better stay out of trouble.”

Selesnya arrived at the House of Fingers, looking for trouble. Also arriving were Cozza (who had set up a meeting with the local loan shark, Gish), and Odrian (who is in Tyr looking for a cure to the pocks, which he suspects is a scheme created by an evil templar). Bella, who has been “hanging low” away from the government, was already there, helping himself to an ale.

Cozza talked with Gish, who loudly boasted his successful loan shark business, and asked everyone in the bar if they’re interested in becoming his thugs. He then had one of his slaves bring in a citizen who he claimed owes money, and asked our heros to prove themselves by breaking his appendages. Selesnya attacked the citizen, and Gish revealed he had been playing them the whole time. He laughed at the idea of such puny men working under him, and ordered his thugs (including the citizen) to attack. Our heros demolished Gish and his men, proving that Gish was insanely overconfident and needlessly aggressive.

Cozza won over Gish’s last surviving slave, who claims to know the details of Gish’s operation. Cozza also offered everyone in the tavern to work for him. Odrian signed up. He thinks that he could earn money and learn a lot of interesting information from such a venture, both of which could lead him toward a path of finding a cure. Selesnya also accepted Cozza’s proposal, though she thinks she’s co-leader, while Cozza (completing misinterpreting her) thinks Selesnya has agreed to become his concubine.

Meanwhile, Ketharal had his own adventure, which caused him to show up late to the tavern. (I’ll attempt to hold a one-on-one session with Michael (Ketharal) to make up for his lack of play time during the session.)



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